Welcome to EASTSIDE Style Co.

Streetwear inspired walking accessories for small pups who want to coordinate looks with their fashionable owner.


About Us

Pepe came into my life in 2021 and changed everything for the better. I decided to share his cuteness with the world on Instagram and found a truly incredible online community. We have met some amazing pups and people, and worked with many wonderful businesses and brands along the way. 

We did find, however, that there was a need to create some streetwear style harness sets for small dogs with big personalities... ones that can effortlessly coordinate (NOT match) with their owners. The other caveat to address, was they needed to be step in harnesses (Pepe will literally rip my hand off if I put anything over his head).

The idea of EASTSIDE Style Co. was born.

After this, Pepe and I set to work designing what we felt would be the perfect harness and walk set. Every detail was decided between us both and extensively tested by Pepe (the Diva Chihuahua - and boy does he have high standards). 

Pepe and I hope you enjoy our products, as much as we do. We would love to see any cute pics of your pet in our walking sets and hear any feedback you think could improve our products for the better. 

Thank you for your support, 

Ash & Pepe xo